Work with Mott to Achieve Longer Tool Uptimes and Better Factory Throughput

Improving tool uptime and tool throughput is critical to achieving better factory yields. Mott Point of Use Fiber Metal Gas Filters have been proven to help fabs improve tool uptime with dry down in minutes – not hours – allowing tools to be commissioned faster during tool start up or after maintenance shutdowns. In addition, the fiber metal media offer 1.5 nm particle capture, 2X the industry’s 3 nm standard. Mott Diffusers have been proven to increase tool wafer throughput by as much as 10-20% by eliminating particle disturbances in the chamber during vent up from vacuum to atmosphere conditions.  Work with Mott to achieve longer tool uptimes and better factory throughput.

Sep 2019


Mott Precision High Purity Flow Restrictors Save Millions on Wafer Fab Gas Vent Systems

With Mott Precision High Purity Flow Restrictors you can reduce the flow of a catastrophic gas leak in minutes, not hours, meet SEMI S2 and SEMI S6 Guidelines, and reduce air vent requirements to save millions on your vent system construction. 

Aug 2019


Semiconductor Wafer Fabs Improve the Safety of Bulk Oxygen Gas Systems with Mott’s Penta® Nickel Porous Metal Filters

Don't use teflon filters in your bulk Oxygen gas systems. Improve the safety of those systems with Mott metal porous filters.

Jul 2019