Sintered Metal Spargers

Tank & In-line Spargers

Controlled porosity of the porous metal tank and in-line porous metal spargers allows uniform permeability and consistent/repeatable performance each and every time.

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Biofermentation sparger

Biofermentation Spargers

By creating thousands of tiny bubbles, porous metal Biofermentation Spargers greatly increase gas absorption and reduce energy expenses compared to traditional drilled pipe in biofermentation processes.

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Biotech Spargers

Quick-Change Spargers

Bioreactor Spargers greatly increase mass transfer rates through the introduction of gases into stirred or unstirred reactor vessels via millions of tiny bubbles to increase the gas-to-liquid contact areas.

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Sintered Spargers

Micro Spargers

Mott micro spargers can greatly reduce the size of the aeration gas bubbles which will increase the amount of surface area for a given volume of gas in laboratory, pilot scale bioreactors, and fermentors.

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Air and Gas Spargers

Industrial & OEM Sintered Spargers

Sintered spargers can be configured into any number of shapes, sizes, and hardware connections with strictly controlled pore uniformity for ideal bubble size in gas-to-liquid contacting.

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