Porous Metal Fluidizers


Mott's porous metal fluidizers provide an optimum solution for material transfer or transport applications that require strength, elevated temperature tolerance, high strength, permeability, and chemical compatibility.

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Silencers and Snubbers

Porous Metal Silencers & Snubbers

Porous metal products have sound dampening/reduction qualities that are perfect for use as a silencer or snubber, often in sensor protection.

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Breathers & Pressure Equalizers

Metal Breather Products & Pressure Equalizers

Venting is a means of allowing escape or passage of vapor, heat, gas, or liquid from a restricted area. Mott’s porous metal breather products have been used in mold vent applications by many plastic, rubber and metal molders for over 50 years.

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Sintered metal assemblies

Sintered Porous Metal Cups, Discs, Tubes, Sheet, and Other Assemblies

With the structural integrity of metal and various degrees of porosity, sintered porous metal products offer engineers the ability to design around issues that affect other materials such as high temperatures, high pressures, or corrosive operating environments.

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Sintered Metal Wicks

Sintered Porous Metal Wicks

The structure of porous metal with a very uniform porosity will pump a liquid from a reservoir of fluid through the porous metal structure and apply the liquid to the desired location.

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Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Porous metal thermal products offer a specific advantage for heat transfer, allowing for either the efficient transfer of heat (or cooling) across a fluid stream.

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