Process Filtration Systems & Sintered Filter Elements

Complete filtration solutions that optimize the customer's process

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Sintered Metal Filters

High performance porous metal filters used to remove particulate from gas or liquid streams.

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High Purity Filters

The largest collection of all-metal ultra high purity gas filters with maximum filtration efficiency, strength and reliability

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Flow Restrictors, Limiters, & Setters

Porous metal flow control devices customized to your flow

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Gas Diffusers

Porous metal diffusers help control and optimize gas flow into a wide variety of applications

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Sintered Spargers

Porous metal spargers provide the optimal method for achieving high-efficiency gas/liquid contacting

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Flame Arrestors

Flame arrestors prevent flammable gases from burning back to their supply source

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Porous Frits & HPLC Products

Filtration and flow control products to enhance analytical instruments and processes

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Metal Sterilizing Grade Filters

An all-metal, sterilizing grade filter media for medical and life science applications.

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Diverse OEM Porous Metal Products

Porous metal products can be used in a wide range of applications or complex product designs

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3D Printed Filters & Flow Control Devices

Mott brings revolutionary 3D printing technology to filtration and flow control.

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We value our relationship with Mott because they took the time to understand our market/application and customized their product to meet our exact equipment specifications. Their engineering team designed and delivered a tight tolerance product that is consistently reproducible in the quantities required to meet our growing business needs.

[ VP Engineering, Fuel Cell Manufacturer ]

I think your technical staff has been very helpful in all aspects of education on diffuser applications for our systems. Your support on products for our systems (design, lead times, questions) has also been very good. Keep it up.

[ Design Engineer, Applied Materials ]

Great Response and customer service. Attention to Quality. Clean and organized plant.

[ Quality Engineer, Analytical Instrument Manufacturer ]