Transportation & Engine Technology Filtration and Flow Control

Get In Front of Industry Regulations

Emission controls, engine life cycle and power, as well as accurate testing equipment are critical to automotive designers and manufacturers. Mott has provided products to the automotive and heavy equipment industry that solve many of the issues being experienced, such as strong vibrations experienced by fuel filters in diesel engines.

Transportation & Engine Filtration and Flow Control

Pressure Spike Dampening

Pressure spikes are a hydraulic/fuel systems worst enemy. Utilize Mott porous flow control products to avoid pressure spikes that can damage pumps, injectors, and other equipment downstream of the occurrence and increase your system life. Mott can engineer and manufacture attenuators to fit your system needs.

Market Information

  • Customized Designs

    Whether the constantly changing demands in the automotive industry or part of a mass transit project, design assistance is readily available for your filtration or flow control challenges. Our engineering services team has years of experience talking with firms in the industry and can customize our technology to exactly fit any new challenge coming your way.

  • Product Validation

    New products hinge on an experienced development team that can fast-track requirements such as drawings; development, prototype, and validation work; the production part approval process (PPAP); the design and acquisition of new tooling and equipment; and ramp-up to production.

  • Engineering Services

    Often our customers require additional unique specifications to be met, such as vibration frequency or pressure dampening, along with typical flow and filtration needs.  Getting these critical design factors right in gas or liquid streams can mean significant performance gains in transportation.

  • Scale Up Fast

    Aerospace and Defense customers require tight tolerance prototype services with the ability to scale up production quickly to high volumes.  Custom designs and prototypes can be created in a matter of days, with full production scalability in just a few weeks if required.  Check out our Services sections for more details.

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