Chemical Processing Filter Systems & Spargers

Tackling Corrosive Chemicals

When producing chemicals gets corrosive, Mott's catalyst recovery filters get tough. Process uptime in chemical production can be improved with more corrosion resistant metal alloys. Our products are proven in these environments with completely enclosed systems and minimal operator intervention. Talk to Mott about our unique options for filtration and catalyst recovery systems and replacement elements.

Porous Metal Products For Chemical Processing

pH Control in Chemical Treatment

Often pH level control is critical in chemical treatment processes. Engineers can consider using carbon dioxide over hazardous sulphuric acid using a custom Mott porous metal sparger. Achieve more complete and rapid mass transfer through precision flow rate and bubble size in achieving desired pH levels. And do it with your own customized product connections for ease of installation.

Market Information

  • Customized Designs

    No process is exactly the same, so varying designs to meet new parameters is what we do. Mott's engineering teams have decades experience designing filtration systems, replacement elements, and other products for the chemical industry. To ensure optimal production and protection, contact us to design around your process.

    Our gas and liquid filtration systems are approved in nearly 40 processes by industry leading Licensors and Technology Developers with dozens more in qualifying stages.

  • Chemistry Consideration

    Corrosion resistance is a direct factor in determining filter lifetime and ultimately production uptime. We'll work with you to understand the chemistry of your process to ensure the right material is used for your porous metal filter and sparger products.

  • Lab Services

    Mott's Material Characterization Center can test and diagnose your process prior to a large order. For example, with a set of test elements and fluid samples from your process, our customized testing facility and commence performance runs of your process to see how our product will perform. The results of this test data is often vital to making the commitment to a system - use our experience to ensure design parameters work.

  • Pilot Testing

    Customers often build pilot plants or systems prior to committing to a full production scale plant. Mott can supply pilot size elements and systems for this exact purpose and ensure system validation prior to a large financial commitment. We'll work with you to ensure your pilot system is successful and can scale to the full project down the road.

Information Request

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