Biotechnology Filtration and Flow Control

Optimizing Bioreactor Mass Transfer

In bioreactor and fermentor systems, optimal mass transfer of gases like oxygen or carbon dioxide is perhaps the most difficult task to accomplish. Oxygen, in particular, is poorly soluble in water - and even less in cell culture and fermentation broths. Oxygen transfer is aided by agitation used to mix nutrients and to keep the cell culture or fermentation homogeneous. There are limits to agitation speed due to high power consumption as well as damage to organisms resulting from excessive tip speed. Agitation alone does not provide adequate mass transfer. Using a Mott porous metal sparger greatly increases mass transfer rates in bioreactors and fermentors.

Biotechnology Filtration and Flow Control

Manage Contamination Risk in Bioprocesses

In most Bioprocess applications, vessels, piping and filter housings are sterilized by steam-in-place (SIP) operations. Many applications also call for steam jacketing of vessels, filter housings and process lines to maintain process temperature. The steam required to sterilize or operate these systems often contain a considerable amount of particulate in the form of rust or other pipe-scale. If contaminated by these impurities, it diminishes the life of the valves, filters, steam jackets and other ancillary equipment. Mott High Purity Steam Filters prevent SIP systems from being contaminated and help increase the life of adjoining equipment.

Market Information

  • Customized Designs

    Our experience in biotechnology applications allows us to have designs that are ready and available for benchtop, pilot scale, or production size reactors. Or, customize your own to meet your exact need. Talk to our engineering teams today.

  • Industry Specifications

    ASME BPE specifications in bioprocessing must be met. Our engineers are experts with these standards and can speak your language.

  • Engineering Services

    Biotechnology products are tested for optimal performance in house in Mott's Material Characterization. Our engineering team will test for optimal mass transfer and bubble size predictability.

  • Clean-ability

    Mott porous metal products can be cleaned in-situ with blowback (gas) or back pulse (liquids) methods. They can be washed or purged with water, solvents, bleach, caustic or acid solutions. They can also be autoclaved, steam purged or cleaned ultrasonically without degrading…even over years of use. This often can produce a significant return on investment versus single use technology.

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