Mott Filtration Design Experts


Our application and design experts provide guidance to determine the exact requirements of porous products needed to optimize your new idea. We’ll help you refine your concept, and recommend steps moving forward to ensure the success of your innovation.

Filtration Design


From a full design consultation to a simple specification review, our team delivers expertise and experience across a vast array of applications. So we can help you determine key features - like materials of construction, level of porosity, shape, and flow rate. It’s insight that will deliver the performance you need.

Filtration Design


Our engineers can assist in the design of functional prototypes that can be ready to work in just days. We can also design prototypes that easily convert into a long-term solution. 

Mott Filtration Experts


Through state-of-the-art laboratories, our experts provide a comprehensive package of product and performance analysis. We will:

- Determine targeted properties and/or performance
- Establish best test method and outline expected outcome
- Perform test procedures as outlined
- Present and analyze data
- Provide a detailed report with observations, results and conclusions
- Expand on testing or move to sets of experiments

Porous Metal Products Manufacturing


Our team can quickly convert prototypes and prepare for high-volume manufacturing. Since our experts have been working with you from the design phase, the conversion process is stress-free and smooth.

Filtration Testing


Through the use of innovative testing techniques, we can assess how your product is functioning at different stages of its life cycle. So we can ensure the long-term stability of your project and recommend any necessary changes for continued optimization.

Create With Us

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